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Solidata Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice Calculator 2018/2019 Tax Year
(Excludes Scottish Taxpayers)

Also known as ‘Salary Exchange’ or 'Salary Saver', the Salary Sacrifice Online Calculator takes the hard work out of producing professional looking illustrations you can present to both your client and their employer. By offering your client this pension payment method they can potentially benefit from up to a 34% increase in their contributions at no extra cost to either themselves or their employer.

The software system is accessible online, producing a personalised five page report for your client in just a few minutes and with minimal data input. A REAL TIME SAVER.

The 'before and after' salary sacrifice calculations are presented in an easy to understand way so you can explain to your client and their 'employer' the benefits of this method of retirement planning.

salary sacrifice calculator

For Higher Rate Tax Payers the system calculates the amount of tax relief they are entitled to reclaim beween basic and higher rate. Salary Sacrifice gives clients the extra relief directly into their paypacket or the opportunity to increase their contribution further.

There is also a potential benefit to the employer who has the option to retain some or all of the savings made by the reduction in employer national insurance contribution. If the employer elects to pass on 100% of the savings made to their employee then they themselves are no worse off.

Demo Salary Sacrifice
For a free hands on demonstration of the Salary Sacrifice System we have set up a fictitious company called ‘Retirement Planning UK’ which you can log in to by requesting the user name and password.

The System Demo allows you view and save the sample illustrations for both employee and employer as well as navigate through the sample data, however you are unable to add new data or create new illustrations prior to purchase.

To help you navigate the system please download the Salary Sacrifice User Guide.

System Features
Our Salary Sacrifice software provides the following features:

  • Employer Database
  • Client Database
  • Employer NIC Saving
  • Salary Sacrifice Illustrations
  • Export Reports to PDF
  • Illustration History
  • Salary Sacrifice Cover Letter
  • Sample Payslip
  • 'K' Code Compatible
  • Your Company Logo Upload (for illustrations)
  • Tax Year Updates
  • Data Import/Export Facility
Handy Tax Calculator
In addition to our Salary Sacrifice Calculator we have a free handy tax calculator for you or your clients to use. Just enter a zero pension contribution to show net take home pay as well as tax and national insurance payable.

If you do enter a pension contribution it shows the potential percentage increase in contribution that can be achieved through salary sacrifice. It defaults to the current tax year but you can change the year from the drop down at the top. Follow this link to access the handy tax calculator.

To obtain the full reporting and database functionality that the system provides, a licence to the main system is required. Please enter your details on the 'Try or Buy' page to register for a demo or to purchase a licence.

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