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Salary Sacrifice
Employee Benefits

Save Money and the environment with a Salary Sacrifice Car Lease.

Employees can save when leasing an electric car with SalSac.

Save with a salary sacrifice car lease

Lease a Car Before Tax & Save Thousands of Pounds

With SalSac you can lease an electric car or a combustion car with funds removed from your salary before Income Tax and National Insurance are paid. This means that your salary appears smaller and you effectively save money by paying less tax. This is a government approved scheme and therefore completely legal in the UK.

One Easy to Budget
Salary Deduction

One set monthly salary deduction includes; significant savings compared to retail alternatives, vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair, tyre replacement due to wear & tear, breakdown cover, road tax and optional motor insurance and electric car home charger.

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Electric Car Charger
lease a brand new car

Lease a Brand New Vehicle

All cars leased through SalSac are brand-new vehicles giving you access to new electric cars and new technologies at competitive prices.

No Deposit or Employee
Credit Check

When you lease a car through a salary sacrifice, the car is leased by your employer with no initial deposit required and no employee credit check. Your first payment is deducted from your salary after vehicle delivery.

Charging an Electric Car Tesla Model y
British Pound Coins
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No Road Tax & Low BIK

When leasing through a salary sacrifice the car is classed by HMRC as a benefit. Consequently Benefit in Kind (BIK) is payable by the employee rather than the vehicle being subject to company car tax rules. BIK rates on an electric car are 2% until 2025 when they will increase by only 1% per year until 2028.

Manufacturers Roadside Assistance

All cars leased through SalSac include the manufacturers' roadside assistance as standard.

Lease a Polstar
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The Road to Net Zero. The Journey is Green with Salary Sacrifice

SalSac can assist businesses in achieving their Green Motoring Objectives without any additional expenditure. Easily transition to electric vehicles whilst removing the need for expensive company cars and admin.

Car Leasing with Salary Sacrifice
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