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A Free Salary Sacrifice Platform
Built For Brokers

Become a SalSac partner and benefit from a one-stop fully inclusive package enabling you to take advantage of the growing salary sacrifice market with no setup or monthly fees.

FREE Salary
Sacrifice Platform

No Setup Fees. No Monthly Costs.

No Hidden Costs.

Maintain Full Control
of Pricing

SalSac doesn't affect broker commissions or pricing.

Full White
Label Solution

Add your logos and colours to all customer quotes and sales.

All Inclusive
SalSac Package

Easily Add Vehicle Insurance

& EV Home Chargers 

Clear Transparent Payments

No Weighted Payments for either employee or employer.

Salary Sacrifice

Stay Compliant & Knowledgable with our included training. 

Bespoke Seminars
& Webinars

We work in partnership with brokers to increase take-up & penetration.

Optional API

Connect to our API & Integrate Salary Sacrifice into your website. 

& Simplicity

Our system is built with both speed & simplicity in mind at every level. 

Fast Customer Quotes

2 minutes is all it takes to generate a quotation with the SalSac online calculator. The Broker enter a few details about the employee and their chosen vehicles, the calculator does the rest and provides an all-inclusive quotation including:

Fully comprehensive fixed-cost vehicle Insurance for the term of the lease

Built-in protection for unforeseen circumstances (long-term sickness, etc)

Employee income tax & NI savings

Employee Benefit in Kind (BIK) payment

Employer VAT savings

Optional Home EV Charger

Salary Sacrifice BMW Charging
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Everything You Need in One Place  

SalSac provides everything you need to offer and implement salary sacrifice schemes for new and existing customers, whilst generating revenue for your business. All without having to develop complex systems or manage the admin associated with salary sacrifice.


 Online Salary Sacrifice Calculator


Our bespoke online calculator enables you to quickly and easily generate salary sacrifice quotations to highlight the benefits and financial savings available to

your customers.

  Fully Fitted Electric Home Chargers


Through our system brokers can offer fully fitted home chargers built into the employee's salary sacrifice, all with a click.

  Fixed-Fee Vehicle Insurance


Offer businesses the option to include fixed-fee, comprehensive vehicle insurance for their employees with competitive rates for up to three drivers.

  No Setup Fees & No Monthly Cost


Join SalSac today without charge and start offering a Salary Sacrifice to your customers.

 Dual Branded Documents


Maintain your business branding with dual branded documents available to assist with customer sign-up and management of the scheme. ​

 Financial Administration


SalSac produces bespoke calculations to enable the company to manage its employee payroll deductions and P11d reporting relating to the Scheme.

Benefits For The Broker

Wider product offering

Additional avenue for revenue

Free System with No Risk

Fast yet fully comprehensive salary sacrifice quotations

A product that provides a genuine benefit to new and existing fleet customers

 Full Training and Support

Lease a Tesla with Salary Sacrifice
Salary Sacrifice Background

Benefits to the Customer's Business

Cost neutral with no set-up fee

SalSac and the broker partner manage the whole process from employee eligibility and quotation through to vehicle delivery and payroll and P11d reports.

Scheme can be tailored to the company, i.e. size or type of vehicle, fuel type or contract length

Protection for unforeseen circumstances, i.e. employee long-term sickness or parental leave

 Aids recruitment, employee satisfaction and retention

Benefits to The Employee

One set monthly salary deduction to include:


Servicing, maintenance and repair

Tyre replacement due to wear & tear

Roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown

Fully comprehensive fixed-cost vehicle Insurance for the term of the lease

 Protection for unforeseen circumstances, i.e. long-term sickness

✓ National Insurance and Income Tax savings

✓ No deposit or credit check

✓ Low BIK payment if an electric vehicle is chosen (currently 2%)

Salary Sacrifice Car
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