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Car Salary Sacrifice Benefits

Leasing a Car with Salary Sacrifice has many benefits for both the employee and the employer, see below for more information.

Salary Sacrifice Benifits

Employee Benefits

Explore the great Benefits that a Vehicle Salary Sacrifice can offer employees of any business.

Employer Benefits

Explore the benefits our simple, full-service Salary Sacrifice Scheme can offer your business.

Charging an Electric Car

Affordable Fixed Monthly Payments

SalSac offers affordable, fixed car leasing deals with the added option of fixed-term insurance and fully fitted EV car chargers.

Lease a Car No Deposit

No Deposit Required

With a car salary sacrifice from SalSac, no deposit is required and the first payment is taken from your wages after delivery of the vehicle.


Full Car Maintenance Included

SalSac can include a full vehicle maintenance package giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is always running at its best.

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No Employee Credit Checks

There is never a personal credit check on the employee with a SalSac Car Lease as the business is financing the vehicle.

EV Charge Points Available

SalSac offers the option to spread the cost of an installed residential charge point to your lease making charging at home quicker and more convenient.

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Fixed-Term Vehicle Insurance

SalSac offers the option to include fixed-term car insurance to your salary sacrifice to create a truly simple and inclusive package.

Lease a Tesla
Office Worker

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