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Lease a BMW iX with Salary Sacrifice

Lease a Porsche Taycan Electric with Salary Sacrifice

The Porsche Taycan is a high-performance sports saloon with a top speed of 143mph. To lease a Mokka-e with a salary sacrifice please call our expert team on 0330 174 6768.

Porsche Taycan Saloon

300kW 79.0kWh 3 Door Auto

  • Estimated 185 - 360 mile range

  • Useable Battery 71.0kWh

  • Fast Charge Port CCS

  • Automatic Gearbox

  • Acceleration 0-62mph 5.4sec

  • Top Speed 143mph

  • Estimated Efficiency 278 Wh/mile

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How Much Will I Save?

300kW 79.0kWh 3 Door Auto


Estimated Salary Reduction

£ 906.57 /month inc VAT

Including Insurance, Maintenance & Home EV Charger

Monthly Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice:

Tax and NI Saving per month

Average BIK Payable per month

Monthly Net Savings

£1476.29 inc VAT




Estimated Fuel Saving

Estimated Electric Costs

Estimated Total Savings

£4,500.00 over 36 months*

£1200.00 over 36 months*

£ 23,809.92 over 36 months

This Salary Sacrifice Includes:

  • Car Lease for 36 months

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance

  • Road Tax for Duration

  • Complementary Delivery

  • Fully Fitted Home EV Charger

*Prices are correct as of 31/01/2023 and are subject to change. Based on a 36-month term, 10,000 miles per annum. Subject to eligibility. Terms and Conditions apply. Fuel Saving is estimated on a 50mpg diesel, £1.84/litre and 10,000/year. Electric Charge Cost is estimated at £0.04/mile and 10,000 miles.


Salary Sacrifice examples are based on a 40% taxpayer, Other tax banding calculations are available upon request. Benefit in kind (BIK) is the percentage charge applied to calculate an employee’s company car tax, directly linked with the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

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