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Salary Sacrifice
Employer Benefits

SalSac offers businesses large and small, a simple all-in-one managed salary sacrifice solution.


There are no set up fees and our solution can save both the company and your employees money.

Fully Comprehensive Car Salary Sacrifice Package

SalSac is a full-service, easy-to-implement solution that takes care of everything from liaising with your employees, finding them a lease car, all the way through to supporting salary deduction calculations for your payroll and P11d reporting and everything in between. SalSac also enables employees to add fixed-fee vehicle insurance and a fully fitted home electric car charger.

Charging a Lease Car
Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme
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Financial Saving & No Set-up Fee

There are no setup fees and no hidden costs. Our 5-Star service is fully managed whilst offering savings for both the company and your employees. SalSac only charge a small one off fee based on the National Insurance and VAT savings that your business attracts when offering a Salary Sacrifice.

Employee Engagement & Free Webinars

Salary Sacrifice can be a fantastic perk enabling employees to drive new electric cars but for some, a little explanation goes a long way. Over our many years in the automotive industry, our experts have answered every question in the book and we regularly conduct focused, tailor-made and interactive webinars so your staff understand the scheme.

Free Salary Sacrifice Webinars
Fully Insured Salary Sacrifice
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Comprehensive Lease Car Motor Insurance

SalSac is partnered with a market-leading insurance specialist to provide an option for affordable, comprehensive, fixed-fee insurance for the term of the lease. With the cost included in the salary sacrifice, it offers the same saving for the business and the employee as the vehicle salary sacrifice.

Unforeseen Circumstances and Early Termination.

Many businesses are concerned with what happens to the car and the cost of the lease if the employee leaves the business, takes parental leave or is absence due to long term sickness.


Our industry-leading protection shields your business and employees from termination costs arising from unforeseen circumstances.

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Maintaining a Lease Car
SalSac Car Leasing
Vehicle Maintenance Included

Vehicle Maintenance is included with all our Salary Sacrifice car leases. The comprehensive maintenance packages typically cover all scheduled services including brake pads, discs and tyres. This assures you that all employee cars are maintained to a high standard.

The Road to Net Zero. The Journey is Green with Salary Sacrifice

SalSac can assist businesses in achieving their Green Motoring Objectives without any additional expenditure. Easily transition to electric vehicles whilst removing the need for expensive company cars and admin.

Net Zero Salary Sacrifice
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How can salary sacrifice benefit your business?

Allowing your staff to lease cars through a Salary Sacrifice has many great benefits for the employee, the business and the environment. 

No Setup Fee
& Cost Neutral

Our SalSac system is cost neutral with zero setup fees.

Reach your
Sustainability Goals

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Electric Vehicles.

Attract & Retain
Staff Members

Offer employees a great benefit at no cost to the business.

Full Vehicle Maintenance Included

Full maintenance and servicing is included with every lease car.

Vehicle Insurance Available

Additional, fixed fee comprehensive insurance is available.

Fully Fitted EV Charge Points

An optional home charger can be included in the lease cost.

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