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What is Salary Sacrifice?

Salary Sacrifice enables the employee to use a proportion of their salary, before Income Tax and National Insurance are deducted, to pay for a brand new leased vehicle. This means the employees saves money by reducing their Income Tax and National Insurance contributions compared to personally leasing the same vehicle.

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Fully Comprehensive SalSac Package

SalSac is a full-service, easy-to-implement solution. In partnership with your broker we make your scheme simply, from liaising with your employees to find them the perfect car, all the way through to supporting your accounts department with salary deduction calculations for payroll and P11d reporting, and everything in between.

Charging an Electric Car
Go Green with Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme

The Road to Net Zero. The Journey is Green with Salary Sacrifice

SalSac can assist businesses in achieving their Green Motoring Objectives without any additional expenditure. Easily transition to electric vehicles whilst removing the need for expensive company cars and admin.

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Include an Electric Car Charger

SalSac are partnered with Mr Charger, a company dedicated to installing EV Charging Points both residential and commercial across the UK. With every SalSac we offer the option to include the cost of a home charger and the installation into your monthly salary deduction. This reduces Income Tax and NI contributions whilst spreading the cost of the charger over the lease term.

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