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Car Leasing Salary Sacrifice Bolt Ons

Learn how you can save even more by adding extras to your car lease salary sacrifice.

Fixed Fee Vehicle Insurance


Here at SalSac, we offer the option to add fixed-fee motor insurance which is paid monthly over the lease term via your salary sacrifice. This insurance is called a fixed fee as, unlike conventional car insurance, the premium will not change year on year. Therefore if the insurance premium costs £80.00/month on the first month it will be fixed at this price until the end of your salary sacrifice agreement term.

SalSac's insurance also allows the addition of your spouse or up to two additional named drivers to the policy. The premium will only increase if the additional drivers are younger than the contract holder.

Fully Fitted Home Charger


Many car salary sacrifices are either all-electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids. Therefore, SalSac has partnered with a nationwide EV charger installer called Mr Charger. This allows us to offer you a fully fitted electric charger with payments included in your salary sacrifice. You can therefore save additional Income Tax and National Insurance making the salary sacrifice even more effective. You also remove the need for any large cash outlay for a change point at the beginning of your lease.

Fitting of the home charger is usually arranged 2 weeks before delivery of your new lease car.

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